10 Tips for a Glowing Face and Flat Abs

The other day a nice lady asked me, what do you do to have a glowing face and flat abs? I answered, Green Smoothies! But, thinking deeply I realized that I have been doing certain things for years. It is not a diet, it is a lifestyle! Here are the top 10 things I recommend for keeping a healthy-glowing skin and a flat stomach.

1. No Sodas. Sodas have been out of my life for over 15 years, after I realized that sodas were an acidic-sweet beverage also used in Latin America for unclogging home pipes. No sodas in my life, period.

2. Water. A lot of water all day long. After waking up, before going to sleep, before/during/after working out, before and after meals. I always need and have a reusable water bottle with me.

3. Hot Beverages with Meals. Like soups and tea or just a little liquid while eating. It helps digestion. It is very common in Latin America to drink cold juices with meals, but it never felt right.

4. Lots of Fruits and Vegetables. Since I was little my salad plate was the same size or even bigger than the main one. Raw and whole fruits and vegetables are the key to getting the maximum benefits from these foods.

5. Avocados! Avocados! Avocados! With anything, and even by themselves. They are delicious, full of good fats and great for your skin. There are always avocados at home.

6. Green Smoothies. Of course! It’s a perfect breakfast or a great snack to incorporate more veggies and fruits on a regular basis. Simply Green smoothies have only high nutrients, and raw, organic, and fresh ingredients. My favorite ingredients are berries, kiwi, banana, kale, spinach, avocado, and hemp/chia seeds.

7. Not a Fan of Juices. If it is a real juice (hard to find in the US) the vitamin content is generally high, but the sugar is too, and they don’t make you full. I only have fresh and organic orange juice in a small cup, in smoothies or sometimes during the weekends. Drink it slowly and never think that juices can replace water; water is vital!

8. Work Out. I do work out five to six times per week, maybe too much. Studies have demonstrated that three days per week or 180 minutes per week is generally enough. Mixing high and low intensity activities is fun and challenging for the mind and body. I have practiced many sports and my current favorite activities are yoga, kickboxing, body pump and trekking.

9. Less Make Up. For women this one is hard. Everybody looks more beautiful with make up but it ages the skin faster. If you have to use make up everyday, then let your skin have a break during weekends or try to use minimal make up daily and leave the full make up for only special occasions.

10. Vibes and Energy. Last but not least, being happy with yourself, doing what makes you feel good and proud, having fun in life, eating healthy foods (but sometimes not!), being flexible, and learning to let go when the time is right.


Live hard! Live wise! With Simply Green


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  1. Alexandra Oliveros

    Katherine, estan muy Buenos los tips…mi problema es que nunca siento los green smoothies me llenan…que receta me puedes recomendar para tartar…Exitos! Alexandra

    • admin

      Hola Alexandra! Que excelente que te gusten los green smoothies 🙂
      Te recomiendo hacer los de Simply Green que llevan banano y/o aguacate. Intenta por ejemplo el Very Green Smoothie, Tasty Raspberry Fiesta, Summery Green Morning, Super Creamy. Ademas algo que siempre incluyo en ellos son 2-4 cucharadas de semillas de cáñamo (hemp-seeds) y de chías. Estas semillas son muy faciles de conseguir, hasta en Amazon. Son naturales con proteína, fibra, omegas.. Asi los green smoothies te llenan mas y adicionas mayor valor nutricional totalmente natural. Me avisas como te va o cualquier otra pregunta/comentario. Saludos! Kat.

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