To be, or not to be, a Kale storyline

Once there was a smart and talented young woman making kale look tasty and fun. Thinking that greens are the new yoga by changing people’s lifestyles, blogging is the trending news, and hashtags create more meaning and connections than words these days.

Schedule posts, promote recipes, reply messages from followers, write short and engaging, and don’t forget hashtags on those colorful and interesting images to publish.

Until one day nothing really made sense. There are a lot of lousy, boring, and foolish content. Well, is that what people are looking for? What are people really fishing for? What is the key to connect and make meaning?

She got frustrated. Answering those questions is more complicated than they look. Being objective in a deterministic subject, and get to the right answer in engineering problems is less fuzzy and more predictable than human’s behavior.

Until then she stopped eating kale and posting on digital media in an answer to her frustration. But one email got her attention; a digital marketing nano-degree program was going to be offered by experts in the field in conjunction with big and well-known Silicon Valley companies. It sounded somehow promising.

Ever since then she found a small light down the tunnel in the subjective world of blogging, marketing, and advertising. What the heck! Let’s pursue the kale trend and let’s happily eat kale.


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