Velvet Beet Morning

A beautiful and super nutritious Red Velvet Smoothie. Mixing Beets, frozen Strawberries, and Greek Yogurt for a delicious day. Did you know that beets low your blood pressure, fight inflammation, are rich in nutrients and fiber, have anti-cancer properties, and boost your stamina for a better and longer workout ūüôā ?
Check out this refreshing velvet and a little creamy recipe for a healthy and exciting Monday.
Have a great week!
#BeFit #BeYou #BeHappy

Simple Recipe:

1 beet.
1/2 lime.
1 cup: plain Greek yogurt.
1 cup: frozen strawberries.
2 cups: baby-spinach.
2 cups: water.

4 tsp: chia seeds.

Serves aprox. three 12oz. glasses. Blend and Enjoy!

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